As you may know, this past year I decided to open an Etsy shop devoted to my new line of graphic design prints! We’ve even expanded our print sales to a (totally awesome sauce) brick and mortar store in Sioux Falls called Unglued. While all the work on the graphic design stuff meant that this blog got put on the back burner (sorry!), I’m back with some news and a special deal for those that read all the way to the end! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, some new Valentine’s prints are in order!

I frequently update my Etsy store with fresh new designs, especially as the seasons change and holidays go by. So of course that means I’ve launched a new set of three Valentine’s prints inspired by love! Each print serves as a reminder to yourself and the one you love of your commitment to one another. I’m not saying they’ll stop you from fighting with your husband over his socks being LITERALLY 6 inches from the hamper…but maybe they’ll remind you what’s important once you do start fighting about the socks.

So here they are in all their sentimental, romantic glory…

Forever, For Always, & No Matter What Wall Art Valentine

Remember that you’re in this through thick and thin!

You Are My Happy Place Wall Art Valentine

There’s no better place than with the one you love!

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Wall Art Valentine

Don’t forget to end the day right!

Follow this link to my Etsy store to purchase these Valentine’s prints! Usually these prints are $10 each…but for a limited time you can get 2 for $10! Just enter promo code CKBOGO at checkout once you’ve got both items in your cart! Or feel free to buy all three for a special Valentine’s print triptych!

Three Valentine

And of course don’t forget to Favorite our store on Etsy to get updates on the latest and greatest!

I hope these Valentine’s prints help infuse a little bit of romance and love into your home!



Ever been to a wedding where you hadn’t actually met the bride or groom before?? Probably not–but I did! Ok, so Mandy and Matt FaceTimed me before the wedding several times, but since they live in Denver we didn’t actually get to meet face-to-face until the rehearsal the day before!

Lucky for me, Mandy and Matt are about as awesome as they come–totally trusting in my ability as an artist to capture their day and going with the flow. And to top it off, everything throughout the day had special significance and meaning. Even Mandy’s wedding dress was special–it was her mom’s wedding dress, reworked.

wedding dress hanging up against a blue house

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It’s that time of year again folks–blogging season! Oh, I guess it’s Christmas time too! 😉

With my 2015 sessions behind me, I finally have a chance to catch up on blogging some of this year’s most lovely sessions! This particular one was no exception!

I met LaVonne and Tony just a few months before their wedding and immediately hit it off. One of the first things we talked about was how Tony proposed. Long story short, Tony had planned an elaborate, public proposal and due to technical difficulties, it didn’t happen. That night as they arrived back at Tony’s house, LaVonne nearly broke up with him because she was anticipating something special happening! Tony had to propose then and there, without the dramatic proposal he had carefully planned. We all laughed at how sometimes the best laid plans can go awry!

The wedding day finally came and it was a beautiful summer day–something we were all grateful for because the wedding was outdoors in the park with no backup plan! Thank goodness that plan didn’t go awry!


LaVonne looked marvelous as always–she’s a Mary Kay rep so her makeup is always impeccable! Tony looked very handsome and ready to get the show on the road!

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Every now and then, you get the chance to do something so cool that you just can’t pass it up. A couple of weeks ago, I got just such an opportunity from a young guy named Brennan. He was inquiring to see if I could photograph, paparazzi-style, his proposal to his (adorable) girlfriend, Kit. I was so excited to be a part of it that I responded back as fast I could with “Yes, I’d love to!”.

From there we began planning. The plan was for him to surprise her at breakfast, then whisk her away in a limousine and take her to Falls Park in Sioux Falls, where he would find the perfect spot and then ask her the most important question of their lives.

All of this sounded great–except for one little thing. I decided to check the Downtown Sioux Falls website (I’m curious and Type A like that) and saw that the Festival of Cultures was taking place at Falls Park that very day. Shooting a quick email to Brennan, we quickly started brainstorming a “Plan B”. After a quick FaceTime convo, Brennan and I agreed that the Palisades in Garretson would be an equally beautiful and far less crowded location for the proposal.

Aaron and I went out the night before the proposal and scouted out the Palisades for beautiful vistas. We even made up a little map to point Brennan to the spot where we would be able to stealthily capture the proposal.

The big day finally came and we were all filled with nervous excitement. We saw the limo pull up and went into our hiding place. Then we waited for them to walk by. We heard voices, but they seemed to be getting farther away. Aaron peeked out and realized that they had gone too far, crossing the river and ending up on the opposite side. I allowed myself a brief moment of panic before focusing and going into “Plan C” mode. A quick change of positions and we were able to capture all the action from across the river.

A young man proposing to his girlfriend at Palisades State Park

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I love taking photos of families with adult children. Hardly anyone does it though, because we forget to keep chronicling our families’ lives once our kids grow up. I think it’s very important to get photos done regularly of your family, once a year at least…though I might have a bit of a vested interest in this… 🙂

Anyway, one of the reasons I love sessions with families with grown children is that they are FAST. Since most everyone can smile on cue, keep their attention locked on my camera for a few seconds at a time, and sit still, we can easily get great photos in under an hour. We knocked this session out in 30 minutes and got lots of great shots!

Family of four standing on a bridge smiling

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