Kit & Brennan’s Palisades Proposal/Engagement Session

Every now and then, you get the chance to do something so cool that you just can’t pass it up. A couple of weeks ago, I got just such an opportunity from a young guy named Brennan. He was inquiring to see if I could photograph, paparazzi-style, his proposal to his (adorable) girlfriend, Kit. I was so excited to be a part of it that I responded back as fast I could with “Yes, I’d love to!”.

From there we began planning. The plan was for him to surprise her at breakfast, then whisk her away in a limousine and take her to Falls Park in Sioux Falls, where he would find the perfect spot and then ask her the most important question of their lives.

All of this sounded great–except for one little thing. I decided to check the Downtown Sioux Falls website (I’m curious and Type A like that) and saw that the Festival of Cultures was taking place at Falls Park that very day. Shooting a quick email to Brennan, we quickly started brainstorming a “Plan B”. After a quick FaceTime convo, Brennan and I agreed that the Palisades in Garretson would be an equally beautiful and far less crowded location for the proposal.

Aaron and I went out the night before the proposal and scouted out the Palisades for beautiful vistas. We even made up a little map to point Brennan to the spot where we would be able to stealthily capture the proposal.

The big day finally came and we were all filled with nervous excitement. We saw the limo pull up and went into our hiding place. Then we waited for them to walk by. We heard voices, but they seemed to be getting farther away. Aaron peeked out and realized that they had gone too far, crossing the river and ending up on the opposite side. I allowed myself a brief moment of panic before focusing and going into “Plan C” mode. A quick change of positions and we were able to capture all the action from across the river.

A young man proposing to his girlfriend at Palisades State Park

Aaron tells me you could hear her say “Yes!” from across the canyon. I was too laser-beam focused on getting the shot that I honestly did not hear it! After they spent a few moments hugging and putting the ring on, Brennan waved at us across the river to let Kit know that the whole thing had been captured in photos! She laughed and we met up for more photos.

The whole time the two of them were just glowing. Kit has the most infectious smile and energy, and it showed in every photo. Brennan just seemed happy to have his new fiancee on his arm and went along for the ride!

A young man kissing his new fianceeA young woman holding her new fianceA young woman with her hand on her fianceA newly engaged couple cuddlingA newly engaged couple walking hand-in-hand on an old bridgeA newly engaged couple smiling for a photo on an old bridgeA smiling newly engaged couple with arms wrapped around one anotherA smiling newly engaged couple walking hand in hand through the woods

I can tell already that these two are so madly in love and that their marriage is destined to be a great one.

Kit and Brennan–may God richly bless your life together!


  • Mike Brown - Wow. What fun and great photosReplyCancel

  • Kit Thompson - Oh my goodness! this makes my heart smile, I’m SO grateful you both were there to help make this a special day for me! The pictures are beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Tanya Ann Smith - Oh my word Kit Kat, my heart is so overjoyed for you! You deserve every bit of happiness in your life!! You are one and of the best ladies I have ever had the privilege of knowing! I love you girl. I miss you and your whole family so much!!ReplyCancel

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