New in the Etsy store…Valentine’s prints and a special deal!

As you may know, this past year I decided to open an Etsy shop devoted to my new line of graphic design prints! We’ve even expanded our print sales to a (totally awesome sauce) brick and mortar store in Sioux Falls called Unglued. While all the work on the graphic design stuff meant that this blog got put on the back burner (sorry!), I’m back with some news and a special deal for those that read all the way to the end! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, some new Valentine’s prints are in order!

I frequently update my Etsy store with fresh new designs, especially as the seasons change and holidays go by. So of course that means I’ve launched a new set of three Valentine’s prints inspired by love! Each print serves as a reminder to yourself and the one you love of your commitment to one another. I’m not saying they’ll stop you from fighting with your husband over his socks being LITERALLY 6 inches from the hamper…but maybe they’ll remind you what’s important once you do start fighting about the socks.

So here they are in all their sentimental, romantic glory…

Forever, For Always, & No Matter What Wall Art Valentine

Remember that you’re in this through thick and thin!

You Are My Happy Place Wall Art Valentine

There’s no better place than with the one you love!

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Wall Art Valentine

Don’t forget to end the day right!

Follow this link to my Etsy store to purchase these Valentine’s prints! Usually these prints are $10 each…but for a limited time you can get 2 for $10! Just enter promo code CKBOGO at checkout once you’ve got both items in your cart! Or feel free to buy all three for a special Valentine’s print triptych!

Three Valentine

And of course don’t forget to Favorite our store on Etsy to get updates on the latest and greatest!

I hope these Valentine’s prints help infuse a little bit of romance and love into your home!



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