About Us

Aaron and Kara Hansen are the hearts and minds behind Creative Kindling. And like any good team, we each have unique and complementary strengths. When it comes to Creative Kindling, we divide and conquer.

Aaron is in charge of all things technical, financial, and organizational. He gets to do the super “fun” stuff like taxes, accounting, and tech support. He runs the business so Kara doesn’t have to (for which she is incredibly grateful!). He has an undying passion for all things sour, and is always on the lookout for the absolute best lemonade. Most days you can find him on his MacBook, iPad, or iPhone (he loves all things Apple) making spreadsheets and graphs.

Kara, while equally Type A, gets to focus on the artsy stuff like taking photos and designing stuff. She's the primary photographer on all sessions and the voice behind pretty much all of Creative Kindling's social media. She loves planning things, and her current obsession involves pinning home decor to her "Dream Home" Pinterest board or spending hours doing *cough* "research" watching Reels on Instagram. These days you can usually find her trying to work on her laptop with her 3 kids climbing on her or in her basement screen printing shirts.

Together we love jamming out to worship music, traveling, and enjoying good food and drinks! We'd love to meet you over drinks or coffee sometime!