Photography FAQ

  • Do you give a disc with the session?
    • All sessions include digital download of your proofs (since CDs/DVDs are going the way of the dinosaur) and reproduction rights to those images.
  • What are reproduction rights?
    • Basically, reproduction rights allow you to print your images anywhere. We can’t guarantee the quality of the prints if you get them done at a big box store or pharmacy, however. To ensure that your prints are well-exposed, properly colored, and won’t fade over time, order through us using your online gallery in the Clients link above.
  • What should my family and I wear to our photo session?
    • Gone are the days of the matchy-matchy, white T-shirt and jeans family photos. Instead, think about using layers, textures, and patterns to mix things up! To keep it from looking too disjointed, try to limit the number of patterns to one per person and pick one accent color to tie throughout everyone’s outfits. Avoid text or graphic tees, loud patterns (think Hawaiian shirts here) or anything else that may draw our eyes away from your beautiful, smiling faces!
  • When is payment due for my photo session?
    • Payment in full is due before any images will be released for viewing. If you want have your images released immediately upon completion, the best way is to pay for your session in full either before or during your session.
  • Do you take credit cards?
    • We sure do! Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Paypal, checks, or even good old cash are all perfectly acceptable methods of payment.
  • How long will it take to get my pictures back?
    • Expect approximately 2-3 weeks for your photos to be complete and your gallery link to show up in your email!

Graphic Design FAQ

  • Do you charge by the hour?
    • No, all of our projects are billed based on the quote we provide you after we’ve estimated the scope of work. If the scope of work changes, the price may be subject to change–but we’ll never change the price without first letting you know. No surprise charges and fees from us!
  • Can you print the design on t-shirts/business cards/vinyl wall clings/banners/my dog/etc.?
    • Yes (except for the dog, sorry)! If you can name it, we can probably have your design printed on it. We have connections with some great printing companies so that we can provide you a wide variety of high quality products at reasonable prices.
  • Do you design logos? What’s the process for that?
    • We definitely design logos. It usually begins with a discussion about your vision for your logo, and then we go to the drawing board. We come back with a number of logo variations in a “rough” state. After more conversations with you, with take one or more of the roughs and refine it to a semi-complete stage. Then more conversations, more refinements, until you’re satisfied with the finished product!