What we do

Two passions: Photography and Graphic Design

We loved them both so much we couldn’t choose just one!

When it comes to photography, we have a very specific style that we’ve honed through over 12 years (yikes, that makes us feel old!). We seek to take classic, timeless images that you won’t be embarrassed to show your kids in 30 years. None of your photos will end up on awkwardfamilyphotos.com someday. Instead of making people sit in a portrait studio and put on cheesy grins, we like to get people interacting.

That’s where the REAL comes from, and it shows in our pictures.

Graphic Design
On the graphic design side, we work closely with our clients, picking their brain and asking questions until we both have a clear vision of where we’re headed. As visual folks ourselves, we’re always happy to show our clients what works and what doesn’t, instead of just telling you what we like and what we don’t. We really listen to you, your needs, and your preferences. The goal is to make you happy and able to use that product, whether it’s a logo, a banner, letterhead, or business cards, to reach out to YOUR clients and get people in YOUR doors!

So basically it’s not about us. It’s about YOU. We want to use what we know how to do to create a lifetime of memories, a thriving business, or a growing church for you!

Contact us at info@creativekindling.com if you want to learn more about what we can do for you!